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www.PolloListens.com – Chicken lovers are generally shown the way to Pollo tropical for some mouth-watering chicken dishes. They are famous for keeping the chicken free of hormones and trans-free.

It is rare; hence it has created a strong fanbase of itself across the globe. Pollo tropical has started the survey known as Pollo listens where their customers can make the changes they want to.



They were made with the purpose to improve through the information provided by the feedback of the customers. Apart from this, the customer who participates in the survey gets a coupon code which they can redeem at the store whenever they visit the store next time.


Pollo tropical which means tropical chicken in English is based in Miami, Florida. It has chains and franchises which specialize in Caribbean dishes.

The company was founded in the year 1988, and it has its headquarter in Doral, Miami-Dade County, Florida.

The restaurant is best known for its dishes like marinated and grilled chicken and also for the side dishes like black beans and rice corn casserole and so much more.

It operates over more than 140 different locations in Florida, having 25 multi-location franchises.



Any person can participate in the survey and the receipt must not be more than 2 days older than is purchase from the store

The user is required to be 18 years old and above

This is a country-specific survey and only the citizen of the USA can participate in the survey


Survey Name Pollo Listens
Survey URL www.pollolistens.com
Prize $2 off coupon
Purchase Required? Yes
Receipt Valid 2 Days

This survey is conducted online so the user must have an electronic device like a PC or laptop or smartphone to enter the survey

  • A receipt from the Pollo tropical store is needed. And the receipt must not be more than 2 days older otherwise, it is invalid
  • The user would require the code which is mentioned on their receipt
  • The user must have the ability to understand either English or Spanish because the survey is available only in these two languages
  • The user must be above 18 years to take the survey
  • Before starting the survey, the user must be ready with its positive as well as negative points that the wants to mention
  • Opinions and suggestions of the user are also required in the survey as it would help in improving the services and serve you better


Any family member of the employees of the Pollo tropical are not eligible to take the survey

Employees of the sponsors or promotional agencies connected with the company are not allowed to take the survey



It is a simple survey where the user needs to give more details about himself/ herself and as well as about the restaurant. The user’s suggestion is also taken into consideration.

Here are the steps listed below in which a user can operate further

  • To start with, firstly, the user needs an internet connection and then type in the website name is www.pollolistens.com
  • Next, the user has the option to change the language accordingly; either English or Spanish
  • Next, the user needs to enter the 16-digit survey code
  • Next, the user needs to enter the 5- digit password in the space
  • Next, the user is required to answer the survey question according to their experience
  • Next, when the user is done with the question, the user needs to click on the button to continue further and then you would be asked to rate your level of satisfaction
  • Next, there can be several questions relating to the visit at the end of the survey
  • Next, the user is required to enter their personal details
  • The user would be asked a question about their liking and disliking of the restaurant. The higher start you give them the more you like them
  • Next, after completing the survey you would receive a validation code that you need to keep properly and use it the next time you visit the store
  • The user can redeem the code provided at the end of the survey at any outlet.
  • The code is valid for only 2 days of taking the survey so make sure to redeem the coupon


The immediate reward which the user is getting is a discount coupon to treat your taste buds with more delicious food. You can use the coupon not only to get a discount on the cuisine but also to get an entire meal free.

Apart from all these rewards the user also gets the chance to win other rewards for those users who take part in the survey. You can also take part in the survey to create a better experience for yourself.

Pollo tropical takes all the feedback very seriously. They work on their part which is required for them to work on. With the survey provided, they will improve more on the different aspects like taste, hygiene, food, and customer service.

It helps the company to grow and stay focused and create a healthy and satisfactory experience for their customers. And a happy and satisfied customer means better for their business.


Can I participate in this survey without purchasing anything from the restaurant?

No people with receipts from the store are only allowed to participate in the survey as people who would visit the outlet must have a piece of better knowledge.

Is the survey open to other countries?

No, for now, the survey is only limited to the USA.

Why does the survey need personal details?

It takes the personal details so that it can identify and allot the coupon to the user.


Pollo tropical coupon survey usually wants to know the satisfaction level in the different aspects that can create a good impact and improvement for the company as well as the customer’s satisfaction.

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