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The survey asks about your experience at the restaurant you visited, the food, and staff behavior. If you have any complaints, you can convey them through the survey too. You don’t have to worry about giving up any personal information.

Every question is meant to enhance your dining experience. So they don’t require much personal information. It is only for people who have already visited any Buffalo wild Wings store and made a purchase.

About the survey – www.bwwlistens.com

The Buffalo Wild Wings Guest Satisfaction Survey is a simple online survey for the customers of the restaurant. The restaurant survey is basically about your last experience, your food or taste preference, and general customer feedback.

You need to spend a few minutes answering the questionnaire and you can give your honest answers that may include appreciation or complaints. You can take the survey at bwwlistens.com.

To make things easier, you also have the option to choose a language between English, Spanish and French before entering the website. So, you can fill out the form in whatever language you are comfortable in.

If you have made a purchase from Buffalo Wild Wings, you can find a mention of a survey on your bill too. The survey requires the customer to input the survey code to get started.

The survey code is present on that bill. Make sure to take the survey within 48 hours of your purchases or else the survey code may not be valid.

Also, to avoid invalidity, enter the code without any spaces or dashes. As mentioned above, participants get a redeemable coupon after the completion of the survey. Customers also need to share their email Id to get the coupon.

How to Take www.bwwlistens.com


The bwwlistens survey is a survey exclusively for customers. It is an online survey so obviously, you need internet access to participate. Firstly to participate in the survey, you have to go to bwwlistens.com. When you visit the site, it asks you to choose a language and then you proceed to the participation made like below.

The survey is available only in three languages- English, French, and Spanish. Also, read the instructions thoroughly and follow them for successful completion.

Here you enter the survey code which you can find at the end of your BWW restaurant bill. The code is only valid for 48 hours from your purchase. After you enter the 16 digit code, click on next to proceed to the next page. You can only participate in the bwwlistens survey if your BWW bill has the code.

On the next page, you have to enter the date of your visit and then your email address. You will see your coupon code on the screen at the end and also receive it at the email address you will provide. So, fill out the correct one.

After these steps, the survey actually starts. First, a few questions are about the details of your order like what you ordered and where you placed the order.

You will also give feedback on topics like value for money, taste, and reason for your visit. Moving forward there will be simple questions about how likely you are to recommend BWW are also part of their questionnaire.

It also has a section where you can rate the restaurant environment as well as the staff. It lets you describe the appearance, promptness, and attentiveness of the staff. You can also give feedback about your favorite menu item.

Along with some other generic questions, you will also answer some personal questions and some general agrees/disagree questions.

These include topics related to your personality, hobbies, and other similar stuff. Also, you can mention your preference for technology usage. As mentioned earlier this feedback is used to curate a proper experience for customers.

Lastly, after all the questions, you will get the redeemable coupon. The coupon will also be sent to your email address. Write down the code on your receipt and use it to claim your survey offer.

Survey Reward

Just like most surveys, bwwlistens rewards you for your time with a special survey offer. For spending your time and energy in answering the questionnaire you usually get a discount coupon. In the bwwlistens survey, you get a $5 coupon on a $25 bill with a limited validity of 14 days.

This special reward makes the survey even more exciting. To redeem it, you also need your recipient with the survey coupon code. To get the reward, make sure you enter the correct email id both the time before starting the survey.

Also, follow the other instructions at the end of the survey to redeem it. BWWlistens survey doesn’t take responsibility if you miss your reward due to the wrong email id. You will also need your previous visit receipt for using the coupon code.

Survey Rules and Regulation

The survey rules are very simple. First and foremost, you need a valid survey code to participate. You should get the code from your purchase receipt.

If your purchase recipient doesn’t have a code then you are not eligible to take the survey. The code on the recipient expires in 48 hours, so take the survey within that time limit.

After that, the code will become invalid and you may not be able to participate. Answer all the questions and fill out all the boxes before proceeding. Also, the questions are mandatory to complete the survey.

You can take the survey in English, Spanish or French. You should know any one of the three languages to participate.

One person can take the survey from one receipt. Also, the survey is limited to once every 7 days, per household. Even if you have multiple receipts, you can’t take the survey more than once a week.

Enter the proper email address and answer all the questions to complete the survey and go to the reward page. The reward coupon can be used once on a bill of $25 and it’s valid for 14 days.

Read the last page of the instructions carefully. It includes all the information about the completion of the survey and the special offer of $5.

Eligibility Criteria


The eligibility criteria for bwwlistens surveys are very straightforward. In simple words, you need to be a customer. Getting into details, you need to check this list to be eligible.

  • The first one is having a valid purchase receipt from any Buffalo Wild Wings store. Also, it should be less than two days old.
  • A valid receipt would have the survey information at the end of the receipt. If you have a receipt without any survey details or code, then you are not eligible for the survey.
  • The survey is only for customers in the US.
  • You need an email ID to receive the reward coupon. If you don’t give a valid ID, you may not receive the offer.
  • You can participate in either one of the 3 languages available- French, Spanish, English.

About Buffalo Wild Wings

Started by two friends Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery in 1982, Buffalo Wild Wings are a perfect destination for authentic buffalo wings, chicken wings, and more. They built a restaurant brand around the perfect environment for every sports fan. A screen for sports, beer, and friends.

The restaurant added more than wings to its menu, like their signature sauces and seasonings. With the addition of a new mouthwatering menu, the BWW started expanding and gained popularity soon after that. What started as a small neighborhood restaurant later expanded across the globe.

Now, they have restaurant branches in multiple countries including the US, India, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Oman, Panama, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam.

Buffalo Wild Wings is now popular for its super hot and spicy sauces in addition to its burgers, seasoning, and wings, and beer combos.

They also have their own food challenge called the Blazin Wing challenge. It challenges people to eat 12 of their hottest wings.

These super spicy sauces, buffalo-style chicken wings, and big media screens in their restaurants have made them unique and popular. Their restaurants are trendy for enjoying sports, games.

Also, if you want to grab a couple of beers and hang out with friends. Not only that, BWW is for everyone else too. They have a special kids corner on their menu too. The much milder and healthier option for them.

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu

The restaurant menu may vary depending on the store but most of the popular Buffalo Wild Wings products are commonly available. Check out the mouthwatering menu to spend your survey coupon on something delicious.

  • Starting from the appetizers there are a variety of options available. Some of their specialties are- Buffalo mac n cheese, Beer – battered onion rings, Asian zing cauliflower wings, Chips and salsa, Dirty Dubs tots, Ultimate Nachos, Street taco, Chicken quesadilla, House sampler, Everything pretzel knots and more like French fries and potato wedges.
  • Now moving to the wings. If you enjoy dining at BWW, you must know that it is originally popular for delicious wings with their sauces and seasonings. Some of these are-

Traditional wings, Boneless wings, Naked tender, and Hand-breaded tenders.

  • BWW is also loved by people for its sandwiches and burgers.
    Burgers-  All American cheeseburger, Cheese curd bacon burger, Avaracado
    Bacon burger, Buffalo bleu burger, Southern black bean burger, Smoked

brisket burger.
Sandwiches- Buffalo ranch sandwich, Southern chicken sandwich, Nashville hot

Chicken sandwich, Southwest Philly cheesesteak, Grilled chicken club sandwich, Smoked brisket sandwich.

  • Another very popular on their menu are their sauces. Their signature sauces are a must-try.

Wild, Original buffalo, Nashville hot, Thai curry, Mango habanero, Sweet BBQ, Teriyaki, Mild, Smokey ADOBO, Honey BBQ, Chipotle BBQ, Asian Zing, Orange Chicken, Spicy garlic, Caribbean jerk, Jammin Jalapeno.

  • BWW also has bottled flavors you can take home and enjoy.

Salt and vinegar seasoning, Lemon pepper seasoning, Parmesan garlic, Buffalo seasoning, Desert heat seasoning bottle, Signature bloody Mary mix.

  • There are wraps and salads available too.

Buffalo Ranch wrap, Grilled chicken Buffalitos, Classic chicken wrap, Pepper jack steak wrap, Brisket taco, Buffalo wedge salad, Chopped cobb salad, Chicken Caesar salad.

  • The last is the kid’s corner with some milder options.

Cheeseburger, mac n cheese, boneless wings, traditional wings

Buffalo Wild Wings – Customer care and Support

Buffalo Wild Wings offers customer support for its Bwwlistens survey. To contact customer care, go to the faq section of the official website and select Contact Us. The Contact Us page has a feedback form for customers.

The feedback form requires you to enter information about your visit and your contact details. In the end, you can write the feedback and add attachments if you need them.

Link to the official website- Contact Us

In case you are having trouble with the survey, you can use the same feedback form. An important thing to keep in mind is that you will receive the coupon from the email address-

[email protected] In case of any problems or complaints related to the coupon you received, don’t reply to that email address.

Instead, a better way to contact them is to fill the feedback form. The coupon email ID may be full of spam and your complaint can easily get lost.

Writing about your issue in the proper complaint section will resolve it faster.

Lastly, if you are facing a technical issue on the survey. You can contact IN moment survey support. Contact them if the problem is not related to BWW. The contact details are-

Phone: 1-800-467-0047

Email: [email protected]

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